Alpha Electro

Alpha Electro is like no other, pushing both the limits of design and construction to a whole new level.
The fuselage has a 2.4Ghz friendly nose and nosecone. The wing connects to the fuselage with two large joiners and also has ribs for additional stiffness. Airfoil is designed especially for speed performance.
Construction of model is made of fully composite with carbon in all stressed parts.

Model of glider class F3F:

Wingspan: 3030 mm
Length:1460 mm
Wing profile: 7.83% 1.89
V-Tail profile: 7.49% 0.10
Wing area: 60 dm2
V-Tail surface:5.8 dm2
Ballast: brass or lead
Weight of model ready to fly: 2400 – 2600 gram

Alpha Electro
Alpha ElectroAlpha ElectroAlpha Electro