About Us

Alpha Composites – Poland

Alpha Composites was founded in 2013. The first project we have done is the Alpha F3F. We are currently working on the SparrowHawk R, Genesis 2, Diana 2, Diana 3, Silent 2 Electro, Alpha 280, Alpha Electro 280, Alpha 250, Alpha Electro 250, Alpha DS 220, Alpha Electro 220, Alpha Wing 240, SZD-55-1 Nexus, AS 33, AS 34.

Alpha Composites is located in Poland in Gdynia.

We make a great team, we have our own design office and technical background.
We use the latest technology to deliver a product from which the customer can be proud and enjoy the flight.

We are currently building retail network in Europe, USA and other countries.

update 28.11.2020